128 years of excellence!

On December 4, 1890, Egenolf Early Childhood Center was born. It started as Elizabeth Day Nursery, then became Egenolf Day Nursery, and finally Egenolf Early Childhood Center. For 128 years, families have been eager to have their children experience its wildly popular and deeply esteemed early learning program.

Historically, families were free to choose whom they wanted to care and educate their children. Sadly, family choice has been restricted since registration is no longer managed by Egenolf ECC during the school year. Fortunately, families do have the freedom to choose Egenolf ECC as the summer camp program for their children. Since children and families are the  cornerstone of the program, services are dedicated to all who are fortunate to experience the program.

Today, Egenolf ECC celebrates its long history. The program has enjoyed visits from many states who desire to replicate its nationally recognized high quality preschool.  Egenolf ECC has been studied by several countries as a model for their preschools as well. The program has been featured in many books and articles, most recently in the New York Times magazine in January 2018. The past 128 years have gifted the program with the opportunity to celebrate generations of children and their families.

Egenolf ECC will continue to prioritize developmentally appropriate practices that are good and right for children and families. Research will continue to guide the work, and excellence will prevail.

Happy 128th birthday, Egenolf Early Childhood Center!

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